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About Us

We are Wild Meadow Living, an eco-lifestyle shop promoting zero waste, chemical-free, non-toxic products for body, mind, spirit & home! Our premium home and beauty products are sourced from small-batch U.S.-based suppliers and artisans. They are made with love and carefully selected with sustainability and aesthetic always at the forefront of our minds. 

We believe in giving back, so we've vowed to plant a tree with every order through One Tree Planted. Currently, all of our donations are going toward restoring Australia's rainforests following the tragic wildfires. 

We believe and revel in the small things, not grandiose gestures. That is why we start here, in your home; in the minute tasks of your daily life; in a quiet moment of contemplation - because there lies the source of greatest change. 

Thank you for joining us on a beautiful journey,