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Why Your Kitchen Needs a Pickling Jar

Today, we are here to talk about one thing and one thing only: pickles! I know, we've sent a chunk of our readership running, but that also means that those of you left behind share our love - if not obsession - with all things pickled. Well, maybe not all things (read pig feet), but all vegetables and many fruits taste absolutely delicious in a pickling brine. 

One particularly vivid memory comes to mind of having pickled mangoes at a friend's former restaurant - I don't think I ate anything else the whole night. I just sat in the corner, probably whispering "my precious" to the mason jar. But that's the thing, pickling can take something humble and elevate it to that "umami" flavor.

But forget the flavor, there's a lot more to the human-pickle relationship than meets the eye. After all, before the advent of the refrigerator, pickling was one of the original ways of preserving much-needed nutrients over the winter months. Pickling is then deeply rooted to seasonal living, a concept - we suspect - humans will have to return to sooner rather than later.  A pickle is - at its core - conservation; it means saving and honoring the fruits of our planet, while simultaneously reconnecting to its rhythms. 

Pickles are one of the healthiest snacks you can eat. That's because they are packed with nutrients, electrolytes, and fiber! More importantly, pickles are an important source of probiotics - that's beneficial bacteria that lives within our gut. It's widely known, that 99% of our immune system resides in the gut, which is why it's especially important to help strengthen it during the cold and flu season  to give you a fighting chance. 

Thankfully, you can make your very own, gourmet pickles in the comfort of your kitchen! All you need is a pickling jar, your favorite vegetables or fruits and plenty of brine....oh and the patience to wait. That’s it! Check out some of our favorite pickling recipes here:

On behalf of all of us at WML, we with you happy pickling! 

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