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A Wild Meadow Lifestyle: Back to Nature


Few things seem simple today. Looking at our world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the enormity of the problems facing humanity. Maybe that’s why many of us, faced with that kind of outlook, numb ourselves to the genuine pain that we feel for our suffering planet. We don’t know how or if we can make a difference and so we choose to suppress those thoughts and feelings. Or even worse, we think of all the things that we should be doing better and then shame ourselves for falling into the trappings of a convenient lifestyle. 

That’s the founding reason behind Wild Meadow Living. We think it’s healthy and necessary to bring the conversation about nature and the environment back to the table, but we propose doing it in manageable terms. What if convenience and an eco-lifestyle could evolve to co-exist? What if beautiful, eco-conscious products were affordable and sustainably produced? What if clicking a button was all it took to help re-plant the trees our children’s generation so desperately needs? What if?


The Little Things That Add Up:

Here is our proposal: do right by the planet where and whenever possible – that means choosing sustainable, organic materials; eco-friendly products; and partnering with the charities that inspire us when and wherever possible. At the very least, our products are hand-picked with the idea that natural beauty, inspiration and whimsy are all necessary parts that make up a lifestyle. 

Speaking of little things adding up…It is our promise here at WML that instead of shipping costs, which are always on us regardless of your geographic location, we offer you a simple, easy way to combat deforestation. By partnering with One Tree Planted, we’re able to give you the option of donating $1, which will be used to plant a tree on your behalf! It’s just one tree but, in 2019 alone, over FOUR MILLION such trees were planted by the organization. That’s real change, really conveniently.

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